Cafe piazza

Bogart’s bbq pie – bogarts bbq sauce, mozzarella, and bogart’s pulled pork. #saturdaynightsnack This great pizza had only one flaw, the crust was a tad under done! Other then that you can’t go wrong with rest of the ingredients!

Mama Sicilian breakfast pizza – Sicilian style pizza, white gravy, eggs, bacon, sausage, (no) red onion, peppadew peppers, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese. Cafe piazza #cafepiazza #24hourfoodgeek #sundaybrunch Similar to most breakfast pizzas, it’s light on sausage gravy.


Billy G’s Kirkwood

Bbq pork shanks – pork shanks, glazed with house bbq sauce, and served on a bed of coleslaw. #sundaydinner I generally avoid things in bbq sauce for the mess, but these were pretty tasty.

Smokehouse chili – shredded pepper jack and (no) green onions. #sundaydinner Nice tasting Chile, but why did we order it on such a hot day.

Mac & cheese. #saturdaydinner I like the choice of noodles, but I think it could stand to be a little cheesier. Overall not a bad Mac & cheese.

Brisket plate – 8oz thick cut brisket, pit beans, Mac & cheese, and corn bread. Billy G’s Kirkwood #billygskirkwood #24hourfoodgeek #sundaydinner The pit beans were on point. Now I wish they would of sliced the brisket a little thinner, say 3 or 4 pieces instead of 2. I can see what they were going for, but 2 pieces do not make it look like a lot of food.

The Midwestern

Smoked Deviled eggs – turkey cracklin. #fridaylunch I was not a fan of these eggs. The filling needed more mustard and it felt like they had been sitting in the fridge for a while. Then there is the turkey cracklin, I liked the idea but after trying it i felt it needed more salt. I would of preferred bacon!

Double cheeseburger – fry sauce, tomato jam, American-cheddar pub cheese on an egg bun. #fridaylunch I will usually ask my server what they like. This was what she recommended and I wasn’t disappointed. It was a little messy for a burger though.

Mac N Cheese side. The Midwestern #midwesternstl #24hourfoodgeek #fridaylunch This was a pretty good Mac n cheese. Nice and cheesy and I especially loved the top layer of cheese!

Biscuit & country gravy – brisket. The midwestern #themidwesternstl #24hourfoodgeek #saturdaybrunch I think the biscuits were supposed to be the star, the brisket definitely overshadowed them!

Fried chicken sandwich – thigh meat, sharp cheddar, country gravy, and a sunny egg on a buttermilk biscuit. The midwestern #themidwesternstl #24hourfoodgeek #saturdaybrunch While this wasn’t a bad sandwich, I think I built it up too much in my mind.

Pit beans side. The midwestern #themidwesternstl #24hourfoodgeek #saturdaybrunch great pit beans with plenty of meat & drippings.

Thai Nivas Cafe

Gyoza. #fridaylunch Gyoza, sometimes called potstickers, were pretty standard here.

Pad spicy noodles – soft rice vermicelli, Thai chili sauce, carrots, broccoli, bamboo shoots, bell peppers, egg, and basil leaves. Thai Nivas Cafe. #thainivascafe #24hourfoodgeek #fridaylunch This comes with a medium spice. I had them up it one level. The way it comes will be a little spicy for most people.


Spicy edamame. Wasabi #wasabi #24hourfoodgeek #thursdaylunch I really wasn’t sure what these would be like, but I don’t regret ordering them.

Edamame. Wasabi #wasabi #24hourfoodgeek #thursdaylunch so I also had the regular edamame, needs salt!

Miso soup. Wasabi #wasabi #24hourfoodgeek #thursdaylunch The standard miso soup. I have to start remembering to tell them no green onions.

Squid salad. Wasabi #wasabi #24hourfoodgeek #thursdaylunch I am not sure I can recall seeing cucumbers in squid salad. I have to say it makes it refreshing and I like it.

Stuffed avocado – spicy tuna, avocado (duh!), spicy mayo, and a chili sauce drizzle. Wasabi #wasabi #24hourfoodgeek #thursdaylunch I would of preferred larger pieces of tuna, instead the tuna was ground up like a tartare. The presentation was beautiful and the flower was edible.

Unagi (well) nigiri. Wasabi #wasabi #24hourfoodgeek #thursdaylunch I went to a sushi restaurant and this is the only piece of sushi I ordered.

Il palato

Just an FYI, since the 24hourfoodgeek was here they have removed a couple of the menu items that I have reviewed. I apologize as it sometimes takes me longer to post on the blog longer then it takes to post on social media. That being said, please enjoy!

Torta – polenta cake, taleggio, and tomato jam. #fridaydinner #happyhour These ingredients on there own could be great, but together they do not work for me!

Carote – Roasted carrots, vegetable Demi-glace, whipped ricotta cheese, and pistachio crumble. #fridaydinner #happyhour Let me start by saying that I am not a fan of cooked carrots. That being said, these were amazing!! #greatrecommendation

Tonno crudo – Tuna, shallot, garlic, tarragon, olive oil, and cured egg yolk on grilled bread. #fridaydinner #happyhour If you are like me and do not like onions (or even shallots) this is not for you. There are way to many shallots to pick out. Now if you do, you should absolutely love this little gem!

Zucchini – charred zucchini dip with marinated grilled zucchini, crostini, EVOO, and parmigiano. #fridaydinner I thought this was a nice alternative to other veggie dips out there.

Margherita flatbread – tomato, basil, and mozzarella. Il Palato #ilpalato #24hourfoodgeek #fridaydinner sometimes simple done right is the way to go.

La Bonne Bouchée

Side salad. #wednesdaylunch Not bad for a side salad, but their pastries are the star of the show.

La Croque Monsieur – grilled ham, Swiss cheese, and white bread topped with béchamel sauce. #wednesdaylunch Some may say this is only a ham and cheese sandwich, but the béchamel makes it so much more. #sandwichofmydreams

Eggs Benedict – poached eggs, Canadian bacon, and English muffin topped with hollandaise and served with rosemary roasted potatoes. La Bonne Bouchée #labonnebouche #24hourfoodgeek #sundaybrunch a very well executed eggs Benedict.

Chicken salad chick

Kick in’ Kay Lynne chicken salad sandwich – buffalo sauce, ranch, bacon, cheddar cheese, jalapeños, and sriracha. #tuesdaylunch They advertised this as spicy. At this point in my life, I should know better as my spice tolerance can’t be measured on the normal chart. Aside from that the sandwich was good and loaded with chicken salad.

Mac & cheese side – three cheese blend. #tuesdaylunch Decent Mac & cheese, but as happens at most restaurants the flavor suffers from being muddy.

Mini buttercream frosted cookie. Chicken salad chick #chickensaladchick #24hourfoodgeek #tuesdaylunch these seem to come with every meal, and I could eat about a 100 of them!

Walnut grill

Lobster bisque – sherry cream. #fridaylunch This is a very buttery creamy lobster bisque.

Nashville hot chicken sandwich – crispy chicken breast, Nashville hot sauce, horseradish aioli, and a pickle on brioche. Walnut Grill #walnutgrill #24hourfoodgeek #fridaylunch This was a good chicken sandwiches and it had a little heat, but I would hardly call it Nashville hot chicken.

Close up of the sandwich!

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